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Nikos Pantazis

Nikos Pantazis is an architect and painter. He was born in 1970 and raised in Thessaloniki, but currently lives and works in Larissa, where he runs a firm specializing in studies and constructions…

Olga Barmazi

Olga Barmazi is a painter, children’s book illustrator, graduate of the School of Fine and Decorative Arts of Katerina Rota and the School of Visual Jewelry Vortex. She is also a graduate of the Department…

Foti Kllogjeri

Painter Foti Kllogjeri was born in Albania in 1973. He studied painting and applied arts at the Higher School of Fine Arts in Tirana. Since 1996, he has been living and working in Thessaloniki. He…

Catherine Tsirigkouli

Catherine Tsirigkouli is a visual artist with her primary mode of expression being Digital Art. She was born in South Africa, lives and works in Athens. She constantly experiments and moves within the boundaries of Geometric Abstraction, Cubism, and…

Yiota Tzotzoli

Yiota Tzotzoli creates and captures photographic psychograms in her paintings, with a personal and social anchor. She stands out for her abstract expressionism, abstraction, and sense of movement.

Kostas Michos

Kostas Michos is a visual artist whose primary mode of expression is painting, not always on canvas or paper, but often on ready-made objects, ceramics, etc. With his historical knowledge and experiences as his tools, he engages with constantly revised ideas and new materials.

Katerina Spyropoulou

Katerina Spyropoulou is a visual artist whose primary medium of expression is photography. From 2014 to 2018, she mainly focused on black and white “street photography,” aiming to capture moments through her lens…

Eva Anastopoulou

Eva Anastopoulos is a visual artist whose primary means of expression is digitally processed photographs and digitally printed artworks on canvas. She has been a member of the artist group U.B.U.GR in Athens and Paris.

Penelope Volterra

Penelope Volterra is an Athenian visual artist with painting and sculpture as her primary means of expression. She lives and works in Corfu. She is a founding member of the Art Hall of Corfu. Her works can be found in private collections and museums worldwide.

Eleni Tsotsorou

Eleni Tsotsorou is a visual artist, with painting and textile art as her primary means of expression. She has shown her work in 9 solo exhibitions and in more than 40 group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

Dimitris Galanakis

Dimitris Galanakis primarily expresses himself through painting and drawing, utilizing the stippling technique. He draws inspiration from the study of pre-Socratic philosophers and through martial arts from China and Japan.

Maria Genitsariou

Maria Genitsariou is a visual artist calligrapher. Using writing instruments from both the past and present, she employs original scripts or adapts them, transforming them into works of art.

Anna Gkioti

Anna Gkioti is a painter and illustrator who lives and works in Thessaloniki. She creates worlds that appear childlike in her paintings, but in reality, she speaks about the chaotic contradictions of our era.

Angeliki Kourmoulaki

Angeliki Kourmoulaki approaches art as a path of exploration and understanding of reality as it is recorded within our existence, portraying the multiple dimensions that permeate the image.

Ilias Kasselas

The idiosyncratic universe of Ilias Kasselas’ works is composed of forms and symbols that are inscribed in the realms of the fantastical, the transcendental, and the nightmarish, intricately intertwining. This grants his art a distinctive manner.

Amalia Koronaki

Amalia Koronaki is a visual artist whose primary means of expression include drawing, painting, and photography. She is a contemporary flâneur of cities around the world, exploring Culture, space, and place.

Dorothée Mesander

Dorothée Mesander aims to rescue the cultural “discards” of the past from oblivion through her expressive analog collages. Her works seek a new aesthetic and beauty in art.

Chrysoula Demagkou

Chrysoula Demagkou is a painter with original artistic work in kitsch and outsider art styles, featuring surrealistic narrative pieces. Her art constitutes a recognizable and provocative element in contemporary art.


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Dimitris Galanakis’ stippling artworks at the Japanese Festival 2024