Dimitris Galanakis

Visual Artist | Greece

Dimitris Galanakis is a visual artist whose primary means of expression are painting and drawing using the stippling technique. He was born in Athens in 1961 and has been engaged in Fine Arts since 1981. Guided by several other visual artists and with their support, through continuous effort and thorough study, he acquired technical skill and developed his style, drawing influence from various sources.

Furthermore, his work as a color retoucher at ADAM Publications significantly influenced the art, where he collaborated with prominent painters. Throughout his career, he has worked with a variety of mediums, including but not limited to watercolors, oil paints, pencils, and eventually settled on stippling in recent years, which has become a distinctive feature of his works.

He has showcased his work in 2 solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions, while his pieces can be found in private collections.

Dimitris Galanakis collaborates with the collective of visual artists ARC – Art Revisited Collective since May 2023.


In the lifestyle and mindset I have embraced, two major influences have played a significant role. Firstly, the study of the pre-Socratic ancient Greek philosophers greatly impacted my way of thinking, along with the Ancient Classical artists known for their unparalleled creations of temples and sculptures. The second influence stemmed from the world of Martial Arts, where I delved for nearly 30 years, studying both the martial art itself and Chinese and Japanese philosophers. These are my two most significant inspirations, guiding me to capture both surrealistic and realistic images.

In recent years, I’ve been reflecting my way of life and thinking in my artworks through Stippling. While Stippling is often regarded as an artist’s technical choice, beyond being a technique involving the creation of a design using small dots or marks to form areas of shading, texture, or tone, another element that makes stippling unique is its time-consuming nature. Since stippling involves forming an image using countless individual dots, it demands ascetic-like perseverance, patience, and attention to detail. However, the final result can be an incredibly intricate and complex work of art that is not only visually striking but also provides both the creator and the viewer with a distinct opportunity to delve deeply into the nuances of the painting’s episodes


Genre: Painting
Medium: Ink, watercolor, oil paint
Style: Realism and surrealism.
Themes: Figurative painting, anthropocentric, heavily influenced by the art of classical Greek antiquity, Chinese, and Japanese traditions.
Workshop: Athens, Greece
Associations: –
Price Range: €300 – €1500
International Scale:

Exhibition of Stippling Artworks by Dimitris Galanakis at the Japanese Festival 2024 on May 11th & 12th

An exhibition of artworks by artist Dimitris Galanakis is included in the Multithematic Japanese Festival 2024, which will take place at the Peristeri Exhibition Center on May 11th & 12th. For the third consecutive year, the Hellenic Association of Traditional Japanese Arts and Culture brings the Japanese Festival 2024 to Athens, combining traditional beauty with contemporary pop culture. It offers a unique experience of acquaintance with Japanese art, music, cosplay, and gastronomy, featuring performances with taiko drums, kimono displays, bonsai exhibitions, interactive origami workshops, calligraphy, tea ceremonies, and much more at the Peristeri Exhibition Center. Detailed information can be found HERE.




Acropolis – Myth – History, Museum of Electric Railways, Piraeus 2019 

Realism – Surrealism 1, Cultural Center of Nea Filadelfeia, Athens 1989



Japanese Festival 2024, Exhibition Center of Peristeri, Athens 2024


“Contemporary Visual Artists”, curated by Paris Kapralos, Myrό Gallery, Thessaloniki 2022

“Ink on Paper 4”, curated by Paris Kapralos, Chili Art Gallery, Athens 2022

“Realism – Surrealism 2”, Cultural Center of Nea Philadelphia, Athens 1988

“Painting on Ceramics”, Cultural Center of Nea Chalkidona, Athens 1984