Eleni Tsotsorou

Painter, Textile Artist | Athens, Greece

Eleni Tsotsorou is a visual artist, primarily working in painting and textile art. She was born in Athens in 1966, where she currently resides and works. Initially, she studied Physics at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) and Radiophysics at University College London (UCL). She worked as a specialized Radiophysicist at Agios Savvas Hospital. Subsequently, she changed her professional path, turning to Art. She is a graduate of the Athens School of Fine Arts, where she studied Painting under Rena Papaspyrou, Mosaic with Yannis Valavanidis, and attended sculpture courses in the workshop of Theodore Papagiannis. She has exhibited her work in 9 solo exhibitions and more than 40 group exhibitions to date, in Greece, the USA, the United Kingdom, Brussels, Austria (Vienna), and Cyprus. Her works are part of public, private, and corporate collections. She is a PhD candidate in the Department of Visual Arts at ASFA, a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece (EETE), and has been teaching Art at Arsakeio Schools Psychiko since 2003. She collaborates with ARC – Art Revisited Collective since September 2020.


In my work, whether it involves representational or abstract pieces, there are common elements in their conception and structure that, I believe, make them recognizable. In most cases, structures are formed through the juxtaposition of small, similar elements, creating a sense of organic matter. The final result evokes images of intricate forest mazes, wings or leaves, or a wave poised to crash onto the shore. Trees, wings, or waves invite you to immerse yourself within them and observe their motion, yet they conceal an underlying, unknown threat, partly due to, but not solely limited to, the density of their arrangement.The objective is to ensnare the gaze, leading it to pursue and explore the impasse arising from this rhythmic, wave-like motion, which harbors a hypnotic quality for the viewer facing the artwork. The process of creating these works is a contemplative journey, a catharsis of the self driven by an internal need to transcend the mundane and everyday. This need slices your wings and keeps you grounded.


Genre: Painting, Mixed Media Constructions
Medium: Mixed techniques on canvas, suspended constructions
Style: Representational with abstract elements, Abstract Expressionism, mixed media with a strong sense of tactile quality
Themes: Conceptual approaches to situations
Workshop: Athens, Greece
Associations: Member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece (EETE)
Price Range: €700-4500
International Scale:

Finissage & Guided Tour by Art Historian George Mylonas for the solo exhibition of Eleni Tsotsorou “Sub Rosa” at ArtPrisma art space

The ArtPrisma gallery (Kountouriotou 187, 18535 Piraeus) invites art enthusiasts on Friday, May 17th at 20:00 to the guided tour by George Mylonas, Art Historian & Curator of Eleni Tsotsorou’s exhibition titled “Sub Rosa”. The audience will have the opportunity to dialectically explore the exhibition while conversing with the Curator and the painter about the meaning of the artworks and the path that connects the concepts with the practice of artistic creation. Information HERE.




“Sub Rosa”, ArtΠΡΙΣΜΑ gallery, Piraeus, Athens, Greece

“Pop Angst II”, Adamantia Art Space, Neiborio, Chora, Andros, 2019.

“Pop Angst”, SG Art Gallery, St. George Lycabettus Hotel, Kolonaki, Athens, 2015.

“Continuation of the Labyrinth”, Artprint Art Space, Kifisia, Athens, 2011.

“Labyrinth: The Exit”, Epsilon – Rozy Oikonomidou Art Space, Thessaloniki, 2010.

“Labyrinth: The Exit”, Art-beat Art Space, Brussels, 2009.

“Oxygen”, Bourtzi Karystou, Karystos, Evia, 2007.

“Oxygen”, 24 Art Space, Athens, 2006.

“Inner Spaces II”, Hydra Municipal Art Gallery, Melina Mercouri Hall, Hydra, 2006.

“Inner Spaces”, 24 Art Space, Athens, 2001.


Larnaca Biennale 2021 – “Limitless limits”, Larnaca, Cyprus, 2021.

London Art Biennale 2021, Former Chelsea Town Hall, London, England, 2021.

ARTBOX Gallery at SWISSARTEXPO, Zurich, 2019.

Contemporary Greek Artists in Shanghai, Co-organized by Greek and Chinese Art Chamber, 2013.

Museum of Colors, Boston, USA, 2012.
Elemental Realms, Agora Gallery, New York, USA, 2012.

An Exhibition for Japan, Vienna Travelgallery (VTG), Vienna, Austria, 2011.


Gesture and Symbolism, Curated by Paris Kapralos, Luminous Eye, Athens 2023

Footsteps & Pathways, Annual Exhibition of the ARC – Art Revisited Collective, Chili Art Gallery, Athens, 2023

Terrain Vague – Transitional Landscapes, Curated by Paris Kapralos, Luminous Eye, Athens 2023

Before the last halcyon days, ARC – Art Revisited Collective event, Chili Art Gallery, Athens, 2023

“Colour in Water 5 – Secret Polity”, Curated by Paris Kapralos, Myrό Gallery, Thessaloniki 2022

“Contemporary Visual Artists”, Curated by Paris Kapralos, Myrό Gallery, Thessaloniki 2022

“Ink on Paper 4”, Curated by & Concept by Paris Kapralos, Chili Art Gallery, Athens, 2022

“Crossroads”, Curated by Paris Kapralos, Documentation by Maria Genitsariou, Myrό Gallery, Thessaloniki 2022

“10 Years of the International Watercolor Society”, Organized by Paris Kapralos & Foti Kllogjeri, Curated by Kostas Parcharidis/Chalkos Gallery, Chalkos Blé Vin, Thessaloniki 2022

“Utopia”, Curated & Concept by Paris Kapralos, Chili Art Gallery, Athens 2022

Celebratory Exhibition for the 10 Years of the International Watercolor Society (IWS) foundation, Organized by Foti Kllogjeri, Curated by Kostas Parcharidis, Chalkos Blé Vin, Thessaloniki 2021

5th Art Thessaloniki International Art Fair, Participation with Chili Art Gallery, Curated by Paris Kapralos, HELEXPO, Thessaloniki, 2021

“Before the End of the Halcyon Days”, Curated by Paris Kapralos, Organized by ARTgrID, Chili Art Gallery, Athens 2021

The Attic Bazaart, The Attic Gallery, Curated & Organized by Paris Kapralos, Curated by Dr. Sassa Tseitou, Corfu 2021

Within Oneself, ARC – Art Revisited Collective website / Digital Exhibition Department, Curated & Concept by Paris Kapralos, Digital Exhibition 2021

“The Breath of Nature”, Artshot Gallery, Athens, 2020


“Herbarium/Φυτολόγιον”, etchINK gallery – Athens Printmaking Center, Athens, 2020.

“What Will the World Say?”, Organized by ARC – Art Revisited Collective / Art4artists Project, Myrό Gallery, Thessaloniki, 2020.

Energy Athens 2020, Contemporary Art Space, Athens, 2020.

4th Art Thessaloniki International Art Fair, Participation with Karouzou Gallery Zurich, HELEXPO, Thessaloniki, 2019.

Annual Group Exhibitions SG Art Gallery, St George Lycabettus Boutique Hotel, Athens, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.

18th and 19th Cheap Art, CAMP (Contemporary Art Meeting Point), Athens, 2013.

“Visible”, Curated by Iris Kritikou & Sotiria Antonopoulou, Technopolis City of Athens, Gazi, Athens, 2010.

“The Ancient Olive Grove of Crete through Time”, Organized by the Cultural Associations Network of Crete and TEI Crete, International Exhibition Center of Crete, Heraklion, Crete, 2010.

Collaborators of Art S.A. Gallery, Kea, 2010.

Group Exhibition for the Opening of the Graduates Center, Educational Institution of Attica Paradosi, American College of Greece, Plaka, Athens, 2007.

“Ten Female Artists – Graduates of Arsakeio-Tositseia Schools”, Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens / Kostis Palamas Building, Athens, 2007.

Collaborators of Ersi Gallery, Mykonos, 2006.

Exhibition of Young Artists, Technopolis City of Athens, Gazi, Athens, 2002.

Exhibition of ASKT Graduates, “To Ergostasio” Exhibition Space, Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens, 2001.

Exhibition of the Artwork Selection Competition for the New Airport Collection, Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport, 2000.

“Two Thousand Polished Cans”, Curated by Alexis Veroukas, Niki Nikonanou, Nikos Stefanou, Lithography Workshop of Piraeus Street, Athens, 2000.


7th Panarsakeian Conference: “Representation/Depiction of Time in Painting”, 2018.

5th Panarsakeian Conference. Participation with 4 Posters: “English Words with Greek Roots”, 2016.

Oral Presentation at the 1st Panhellenic Conference on School Psychology. “The Museum of School Life as a Tool for Empowering Student-School Bonds. Philosophical School, University Campus, Athens. (Loutrianaki, Galiandra, Bessa, Tsotsorou), 2015.

3rd Panarsakeian Conference with the theme: C.P. Cavafy: The Greek Universal Poet. Participation with visual composition, 2014.

Lecture at the Greek Department of the European School in Brussels, as part of an Individual Painting Exhibition, titled: “The Significance of the Labyrinth in Art throughout Different Eras”, 2009.


Distinct series of works by Eleni Tsotsorou

Throughout her course, Eleni Tsotsorou has extensively experimented with materials, diverse textures, and techniques that often blend elements from various art forms. Nevertheless, there are 5 series of works that share common characteristics, traversing her artistic evolution. In the main gallery above, you can see all of Eleni Tsotsorou’s artworks, whether they belong to a distinct series or not. In the following sections, you will read individually about each series, its concept, and you can visit separate online exhibitions for each one through links provided.

Abstract Art
Art creation is a dynamic process. The artist evolves and changes, much like every individual does. However, this evolution is imprinted by the artist onto their work, thus creating a narrative that follows and describes their journey – a trace that guides the viewer…”  Find out more HERE

 Flower Compositions
This is a series that has been continuously evolving since 2016 until the present day. Initially, it started with ink works and later progressed to large, colorful artworks. Two things serve as a constant source of inspiration for me: my personal existential anxieties…”  Find out more HERE

Pop Angst
The title of the series “Pop Angst” conveys a state of contradiction. On one hand, it refers to existential anxiety (Angst) as experienced by each individual, as an inevitable result of realizing the human condition. On the other hand, it suggests transcending…”  Find out more HERE

One of the central and recurring themes in my work is that of the labyrinth. Labyrinths filled with dead ends, comprised of bare trees and twisted, tormented roots, places where light does not penetrate, giving a sense of confinement….”  Find out more HERE

“This is a series that began in 2019, continued during the lockdown period of the coronavirus, and has been a constant focus for me up to the present day. It’s a collection of mixed-media works, incorporating fabrics, lace, colors, and sequins, with new materials being constantly integrated into the newer pieces….”  Find out more HERE


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(Απρίλιος 2015, Art Magazine)



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