Chryssoula Demagkou

Painter | Greece

Chryssoula Demagkou was born and raised in Athens. She graduated from Arsakeio Psychikou. She studied at the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences. She studied at the Institut Français de Grèce. She attended the ABC de Paris school for drawing and painting. She exhibited her paintings at Club Méditerranée with themes related to folklore. She has showcased her works at the visual arts association “Apelli,” as well as in other exhibitions in Greece.


My paintings, which are seemingly representational, capture moments of stillness or motion, tracing paths and anthropometric routes. The magic of transcending and reconstructing shapes and colors leads me to new images and forms, a personal reassembly. Inspired by a selective observation of the world around me, I delve into the inner world of human experience, capturing and reshaping shapes and forms subjectively. I express these through careful abstraction and reconstruction. My works, whether in a state of waiting or stillness, appear rejuvenated and poised for action, ready to take off.


Genre: Painting
Medium: Oil, Acrylic on Canvas
Style: Surrealism, Kitsch
Themes: Narrative
Workshop: Athens, Greece
Associations: Association “Apelli”
Price Range: €300 -1200
International Scale:




Visible and Invisible, Concept and Curation by Paris Kapralos, Luminous Eye, Athens 2023

Polity and Utopia, Concept and Curation by Paris Kapralos, Luminous Eye, Athens 2023

Gesture and Symbolism, Concept and Curation by Paris Kapralos, Luminous Eye, Athens 2023

Man in the Cities, Concept and Curation by Paris Kapralos, Chili Art Gallery, Athens 2023

Chili Bazaart, Chili Art Gallery, Athens 2023

New Normality, organized by ARTgrID, hosted by Chili Art Gallery, Athens 2022

“SKG Xmas Bazaart,” Myro Gallery, Thessaloniki 2022

“The Aspect of Things,” Curated by Paris Kapralos, Chili Art Gallery, Athens 2022

“Apelli Association,” Members Group Exhibition, Athens 2022

“Apelli Association,” Members Group Exhibition, Athens 2021

“Apelli Association,” Members Group Exhibition, Athens 2020

“Luxury Art Club,” Athens 2019
“Apelli Association,” Members Group Exhibition, Athens 2019





Chryssoula Demagkou paints human figures with vibrant colors that clearly fit into the kitsch movement, which we rarely see from Greek artists of the younger generation. The composition combines elements of art brute and folk elements reminiscent of Karagiozis, both in terms of forms and spatial arrangement. Demagkou is also distinguished for her perspective on the world. Her worldview compels her to create works thematically falling into three main categories: non-realistic situations, surrealistic situations for the pleasure of the mind, conceptual situations of heroes who suffer or are in adventure, as conceived in ancient Greek tragedy, and bittersweet romantic scenes presented with unaltered humor.

The kitsch movement refers to art that emphasizes exaggeration, kitschy aesthetics, and expressiveness with bold colors. It often combines with surrealist aesthetics and commercial success. On the other hand, art brute refers to artworks created by spontaneous, external artists, outside the traditional art frameworks. It’s about authentic and unprocessed work, uninfluenced by the standards of the artistic community. In Chryssoula Demagkou’s work, we perceive the influence of kitsch through the intense color palette and exaggerated aesthetics. The colors she uses highlight the human form and place it in a playful and eccentric environment. However, this kinetic aesthetic is rarely observed among Greek artists of the younger generation, as the trend focuses on more traditional and classical approaches. Additionally, the impact of art brute is evident in Demagkou’s work as she expresses her authentic creativity beyond traditional artistic standards. Demagkou’s worldview is highlighted through her thematic choices. Non-realistic situations, surreal scenes, and conceptual situations of heroes suffering or being in adventure are often the subjects of her works. These themes include elements of ancient Greek tragedy and focus on human existence and its complexities. Creating bittersweet romantic scenes is another way the artist expresses herself, evoking a sense of human relationships with all the contradictions that accompany romantic experience.

Through these various references and influences, Chryssoula Demagkou creates a unique and pioneering body of work that combines authenticity, aesthetics, and a variety of themes. Her art represents a recognizable and provocative cultural element in the contemporary Greek and international art scene.

Paris Kapralos
Art Curator