New Normal 3: Ghost in the Machine

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Sunday, 3rd December 2023 – Visual arts curator Paris Kapralos, in collaboration with Art Curators Vera Katranidou & Teri Paschou, presents artworks of 40 visual artists from Greece and around the world at the 3rd annual exhibition of the series organized by ARTgrID “New Normality” that explores the effects of developments on the individual and society in the Anthropocene.

The Curators invite you to visit the exhibition and honor with your presence the opening on Friday, 8th December 2023, 19:00 – 22:00. The exhibition takes place physically in Athens at the Luminous Eye art space (Mitsaion 2A, Acropolis area, Athens 117 42) and simultaneously online, in collaboration with the organizer of the exhibition ARTgrID.

In the exhibition’s documentation, Mr. Kapralos notes: “‘The Ghost in the Machine’ is a phrase used to describe an invisible, non-obvious, or hidden impact, problem, or malfunction that can affect the operation of a system or process. It represents something that is not easily perceived or recognized but can have significant effects. The consequences of the pandemic remain multifaceted and unmapped. Psychological, socio-political issues are on the rise. The disastrous consequences of climate change becoming ever clearer and the threat of dark times, the war in Ukraine leaving open possibilities of expanding into a global conflict, now affect our already dystopian reality and the prospects of each individual in life. New socio-political problems emerge, old ones intensify leading societies to extreme situations. The New Normality is a dystopia whose exact causes we cannot always perceive, predict its course, or discern its end. We search for ‘the ghost in the machine’, often complacently, while the need for immediate changes increasingly grows.

Visitors will see sculptures, installations, constructions, as well as works of painting, photography, engraving, video-art, digital print art, etc.

Participating artists include: bodarch – Stella Chatzipanagiotou & Petros Petrou, Vania Syrmou, Hao Ding, Lena Spania, Gary Duehr, Athina Karka, Jianing Zhao, Elina Armaou, marie roussou, Anthi Tiga, Eleni Louki, Magda Dimoudi, Eva Anastopoulou, Ioulia Harpidou, Odysseas Tosounidis, Alexandros Aspros, Marita Tselekidi, Vera Eleftheria Pediwtidou, Evgenia Alexiou, Vasiliki Skotida, Ioannis Messiou, Pinelopi Volterra, Olga Barmazi, Thanasis Zisis, Ifigeneia Kastana, Evgenia Kasparydou, Mirella Diamanti, Konstantinos Dermatas, Aphrodite Patika, Chrysoula Demagou, Vasiliki Anastasopoulou, Angeliki Asimakopoulou, Valentini Mavrodoglou, Evangelos Nesis, Panagiotis Markoulidis, Sotiris Ntzoufras, Alexandros Anastasiadis, Efthymios P. Pournaras, Athanasios Artemisios, Catherine Tsirigkouli

A bilingual (Greek and English) commemorative catalog-book has been published for the exhibition, available to all visitors for free.

Hours/Days: Wednesday 14:00 to 18:00 and Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 17:00 to 21:00. Free admission.

The exhibition will last until Sunday, 17th December 2023


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