[ended] Open Call for artists | New Symbols 3

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ARC -Art Revisited Collective extends an Open Call to visual artists all over the world to submit their artworks so as they participate in participating in the New Symbols 3 exhibition. The exhibition will be held at a well-known art gallery in the historic center of Athens, Greece, and it will also be accessible online.

This is the 3rd edition of a series focusing on creating powerful symbols in the visual arts that respond to the challenging issues of today. 

The exhibition, curated by Art Curators Paris Kapralos and Jason Kairofilas, is based on a concept developed in dialogue with the collective and is organizationally supported by ARTgrID. The official languages ​​of the exhibition are Greek and English.

The exhibition welcomes original artworks of any style and artistic expression, representational or abstract, expressive, symbolic, abstract, or any other choice that can engage with the theme. Accepted mediums include painting, printmaking, photography, digital art, collage, mosaics, sculpture, and video art.

Conceptual Framework. In the late 19th century, Symbolism emerged in Europe as a counterpoint to the banality of the Realism of the time. Symbolism draws inspiration from the fantastical, guiding existential quests, and delving into philosophical matters. It aims to engage the viewer with a poetic and mystical disposition. Beyond formalistic depictions, Symbolism laid the groundwork for the inception of contemporary art movements. Henceforth, visual arts convey allegories and incorporate conceptual content: nothing is merely what the viewer sees. In challenging historical circumstances, art creates potent symbols to promote the dialectical relationship between humanity and historical context, posing insightful questions in unconventional ways, transcending the boundaries of social conventions to address meaningful concerns. The entirety of artistic production speaks symbolically, without necessarily aligning with the eponymous movement. In unprecedented times, art is called upon to foster contemplation, generate new allegories, presenting the New Symbols of Today to the world.

Submission Requirements. To submit, send an email to artistsartgrid@gmail.com with the subject “SYMBOLS” including the following:
(1) Photos of up to 2 available artworks, each in a separate high-resolution jpg file. Note: submitted works are not indicative; if selected, only the submitted works will be exhibited. Artworks on paper should be photographed without frame/glass.
(2) Details of the artworks, with each item listed in the following order separated by commas: File name (e.g., A1.JPG), Artist’s Full Name, Artwork Title, Materials and Technique, Dimensions (in centimeters, Height x Width for hanging or Height x Width x Length for sculpture), Completion Year.
(3) Your contact information: Full Name, Email, Phone Number.

If submitting Video Art, either send common video files via wetransfer along with email containing other details, or provide a link (Vimeo, Youtube) to the full-length video.

Important Notes.
– Clarifications, inquiries, and questions strictly regarding the submission process should be sent via email to the aforementioned submission address and will be answered within 24 hours.
– Information about the event’s execution and the proposal will be provided only to selected artists, after their selection, not before. Submissions that do not include all requested items or do not follow the specified formatting and submission method will be disregarded.
– If selected, you will be contacted promptly via email with comprehensive information regarding your participation.
– The submission deadline is until Tuesday, March 19, 2024, at 23:59.