Dimitris Galanakis’ stippling artworks at the Japanese Festival 2024

Saturday, April 20th, 2024 – The exhibition of works by artist Dimitris Galanakis is included in the multidisciplinary Japanese Festival 2024, which will take place at the Peristeri Exhibition Center on May 11th & 12th.

Dimitris Galanakis is a visual artist primarily using painting and drawing techniques with stippling. Born in Athens in 1961, he has been involved in Fine Arts since 1981, guided by several other visual artists whose support, continuous effort, and thorough study enabled him to acquire technical skill and shape his style through multiple influences.

He notes about his work: “In recent years, I have been imprinting my way of life and thought in my works through Stippling. Stippling is often considered an artist’s technical choice, but beyond a technique involving the creation of a design using small dots or spots to create areas of shading, texture, or tone, another element that makes stippling unique is its time-consuming nature. Given that stippling involves creating an image using countless individual dots, it requires ascetic perseverance, patience, and attention to detail. However, the final result can be an exceptionally detailed and intricate work of art that not only visually impresses but also allows both the creator and the viewer to delve into the meanings of the painting episodes of the work“.

View more works on his website HERE.

For the third year, the Hellenic Association of Traditional Japanese Arts and Culture brings the Japanese Festival 2024 to Athens, combining traditional beauty with contemporary pop culture. It offers a unique experience of acquaintance with Japanese art, music, cosplay, and gastronomy, performances with taiko drums, kimono displays, bonsai exhibitions, unique Japanese merchandise, interactive origami workshops, calligraphy, tea ceremonies, and much more. From traditional workshops to cosplay parades and J-pop concerts, the festival invites visitors to experience Japanese culture at the Peristeri Exhibition Center. Detailed information about the festival can be found at https://japanfestival.gr.