Olga Barmazi joins ARC -Art Revisited Collective

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Monday, 4th December 2023 – The ARC -Art Revisited Collective announced today that painter Olga Barmazi joins the renowned Greek collective.

Olga Barmazi is a painter, illustrator of children’s books, a graduate of the Katerina Rota School of Visual and Decorative Arts and the Vortex School of Artistic Jewelry. She is also a graduate of the Department of Political Science of the Law School of EKPA and a final year student of the Joint Postgraduate Program in Creative Writing. Alongside her artistic career, she has long worked as an editor/proofreader and translator of texts for publishing houses in Athens. Since 1997, she has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad [Europe, USA, Japan, and Australia]. Her works have been awarded in international competitions. Since 2009, she teaches painting at the workshops for children and adults of the Art Warehouse AMKE, which she founded, and at the Kalogeropoulio Foundation of Arts and Culture in Corinth. She has designed sets for theater and dance performances and has created series of artistic jewelry exhibited in Greece and the USA. She has illustrated 6 children’s books. Her works are in private collections.

The ARC -Art Revisited Collective is a collective founded in May 2018 by visual artists and the Athenian visual arts curator Paris Kapralos. It soon included members from various parts of Greece and Cyprus. The collective is independent and self-funded. It presents a variety of actions, organizes its own exhibitions, participates in international organizations, and occasionally collaborates with other groups, collectives, curators, venues, as well as artists from all over the art world and the globe. The collective encompasses every kind and style of art. Most members, including its co-founding curator, had significant personal trajectories in the art field before starting it as a collective vehicle. Through it, they unite their forces in common projects and often respond in their own way, individually and collectively, to the challenges of the times.