New website for the visual artist Angeliki Kourmoulaki on ARTgrID.

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Saturday, 12 November 2022 – We are pleased to announce today the creation of a new website for the renowned Thessaloniki-based painter Angeliki Kourmoulaki, who entrusted our platform for its construction, hosting, management, and through which she presents her significant body of work. Her new website is now available at the address

Aggeliki Kourmoulaki is a painter born in Thessaloniki in 1970, where she lives and works. She holds a degree from the Pedagogical Department of Kindergarten Educators in Rhodes, University of the Aegean. She has been engaged with art for over 30 years. She pursued extensive private studies in visual arts, with a significant period of apprenticeship under the painter and architect Konstantinos Palian, focusing on painting, Byzantine art, theatrical-artistic masks, and scenography. Additionally, she apprenticed at the theatrical workshop of the DIPETHE Rhodes, while systematically participating in experiential workshops in drama therapy, psychodrama, and self-awareness groups. She has been actively involved in theater, designing numerous theatrical performances and events. Furthermore, she was involved in the restoration of wall art and decoration in historic buildings in Thessaloniki. She also developed a rich teaching activity in the broad spectrum of visual arts. For several years, she was an active member of the art group “Polyergastiri” and the theatrical group “Theatriko Ergotaxio” She held the position of visual art studies supervisor at the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Thermi. She is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece. She has written and illustrated the poetic fairy tales “Onirotropia”(its a made-up word, the closer translation would be ‘Dreamweaver’) published by i-write editions, and “Onirotropia 2, Deep Curved Line” published by Saixpiron Editions. She also illustrated the children’s book “Merlina, the smuggy mouse”, i-write editions. Her works belong to private collections and greek-orthodox temples. Aggeliki Kourmoulaki collaborates with ARC – Art Revisited Collective since May 2018.