Eleni Tsotsorou - Flower Compositions

“This is a series that has been continuously evolving since 2016 until the present day. Initially, it started with ink works and later progressed to large, colorful artworks. Two things serve as a constant source of inspiration for me: my personal existential anxieties and my love for nature. In fact, these two aspects intertwine, as nature never ceases to move and astound me. I employ images from nature to contemplate and express the existential questions that occupy my mind.The shape of flowers and plants, their fragility, and their complexity deeply resonate with me. What fascinates me is the fact that in nature, through the repetition of small similar elements, we can arrive at structures completely different from the original, much like the concept of fractals. This phenomenon can occur with leaves, flowers, trees, and forests. This is what I aim to convey through my paintings: an image that captures the gaze and makes the viewer a companion to this beauty.”.


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