Painter / Digital Artist | Greece

Catherine Tsirigkouli, born in South Africa, resides in Athens and works in the field of Informatics, which was the primary subject of her studies. From a young age, she showed a strong interest in painting, with her works participating in school and student exhibitions, as well as various competitions, where she received awards.

Since 2015, she has re-engaged with the realm of visual arts. She took painting lessons alongside the artist Georgia Damopoulou, who managed to help her develop the necessary art perspective and judgment, simultaneously evolving her forms and techniques. At regular intervals, she attends online courses to stay updated on modern techniques and trends in the world of visual arts and art creation. She explores alternative materials that could be applied in her art experiments.

Whether through canvas painting or watercolors, utilizing mixed and non-traditional techniques, or through digital painting, she continually experiments, seeking to find her own art identity. She tries out alternative modes of expression and representation, with inclinations toward the abstract and modified representational elements. She consistently plays with vibrant forms and explores the boundaries of color within her compositions.

She has taken part in group exhibitions showcasing diverse works spanning various themes and implementation techniques.


As a new visual artist, I decided to differentiate myself and break away from traditional boundaries of expression amidst the pandemic. I sought an alternative approach to creating and showcasing artworks.

With strong informatics and digital skills from my work and witnessing the rapid technological changes that contribute to the development of digital painting, I wanted to experiment with these latest digital technologies and explore their possibilities. Soon, I realized that I had found an alternative means of art creation and expression. This allowed me to delve into the potentials and limits of crafting a digital painting that engages with contemporary visual abstraction by transforming abstract shapes into symbolic, colorful messages.

I discovered that I could play with the unknown final outcome in my works, generating “infinite” variations until I decided on the aesthetically satisfying expression. I found that I could proceed creatively step by step, undoing temporary results that I felt were aesthetically incorrect at that digital creation moment, and then re-approaching with a different chromatic and formal perspective. Over time, I managed to create and finalize abstract, multicolored compositions that represent the various and intricate currents of my imagination. They capture, as I believe, the beauty of diverse visual perception and emotional expression.

Now, using digital means, and sometimes combining them with physical techniques, I continue to make new personal discoveries, transcending the boundaries of the world as we see and perceive it, and delving into the limits of the fantastical universe, as I would envision utopically.

I aim for the final outcome to be aesthetically pleasing and occasionally conceptually provocative. My hope is that I can inspire viewers to aesthetically enjoy something novel, with potent visual and emotional influences that function as a tool for personal development and cultivation, as well as a natural anxiety reliever!


Genre: Painting, Digital Art
Medium: Print Digital Art
Style: Geometric Abstraction, Cubism, Constructivism
Themes: Representational
Workshop: Athens, Greece
Associations: –
Price Range: €300-900
International Scale:




“Summertime”, Curated by Paris Kapralos, Luminous Eye Gallery, July 2023

“Politeia & Eutopia”, Curated by Paris Kapralos, Luminous Eye Gallery, May 2023

“Gesture and Symbolism”, Curated by Paris Kapralos, Luminous Eye Gallery, April 2023

“Chili Bazaart 2023”, Curated by Paris Kapralos, Chili Art Gallery, April 2023

“Transitional Landscapes /terrain vague”, Curated by Paris Kapralos, Luminous Eye Gallery, March 2023

“Les Nouvelles Artistes – U Art Here”, Curated by Georgia Damopoulou, Seed Design, May 2018

“Diversity”, Curated by Georgia Damopoulou / Laloula Chrysikopoulou, Anichti Techni, October 2016