Magda Dimoudi

“Shall we play “Monkey in the Middle?”,” In our childhood years Series, acrylics, iconography pigments, mixed media on canvas, 101×46 centimeters, 2023. Estimated price: €250

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Magda Dimoudi was born in Thessaloniki. She apprenticed in Byzantine iconography with the teacher Ioannis Vranos from 1982 to 1984. Subsequently, until September 1986, she engaged in preliminary courses and painting at the ‘Praxis’ workshop of Kostas Xanthopoulos and, in the same year, with Vangelis Dimitreas. Since 1986, she has permanently resided in Corfu, where she continues art lessons with Nikos Zervos, a student of Konstantinos Parthenis, and later at the Corfu School of Fine Arts with Spyros Alamanos. She has presented her work from 1985 to the present in 8 solo and 50 group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. She has designed covers and books for “Epsilon” publications. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Corfu Artistic Union. Her works are in the Municipality of Pylaia Thessaloniki, the Corfu Gallery, the Greek National Tourism Organization, and private collections.

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