Maria Genitsariou

Hesiod, Pandora’s Box, “Ancient Greek Texts” Series, Ink and gold leaf on papyrus, Majuscule Coptic script with a reed pen, 35X45 cm, 2002. Estimated price: €

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ARC -Art Revisited Collective | Maria Genitsariou

Maria Genitsariou, born in 1966 in Piraeus, is a visual artist and calligrapher with a focus on the evolution of Greek calligraphy. Dedicated to art from her youth, she studied graphic arts and painting, always seeking new expressive possibilities through writing. In 1993, she discovered Greek calligraphy and decided to study it at the Paleography Department of MIET with Professor Agamemnon Tselikas. Her goal is to collect and study Greek typefaces and to reproduce their writing and illustration tools. Using writing as her primary medium, she creates works that incorporate various typefaces, transforming them into art. She has presented her works at numerous exhibitions and teaches calligraphy in seminars. Her works are in private collections and collections of international institutions inside and outside Greece, including Vienna and the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Constantinople. Believing in the inexhaustible possibilities of calligraphy, she participates in programs to promote it in Greece and abroad. She collaborates with the artistic collective ARC – Art Revisited Collective since June 2021.

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