Olga Barmazi

“Dream catcher,” from the series “Flows and Fragments,” watercolor and Chinese ink on paper, 41×31 centimeters, 2022

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Olga Barmazi is a painter and illustrator of children’s books, a graduate of the School of Fine and Decorative Arts of Katerina Rota and the School of Visual Jewelry Vortex. She is also a graduate of the Department of Political Science at the Law School of the University of Athens and a postgraduate student in the Joint Master’s Program in Creative Writing. Alongside her artistic career, she has long been employed as an editor/proofreader and translator of texts for publishing houses in Athens. Since 1997, she has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad [Europe, USA, Japan, and Australia]. Her works have been awarded in international competitions. Since 2009, she has been teaching painting at the workshops for children and adults at the Art Warehouse AMKE, of which she is the founder, and at the Kalogeropoulos Foundation for Arts and Culture in Corinth. She has designed stage sets for theater and dance performances and has created series of visual jewelry exhibited in Greece and the USA. She has illustrated 6 children’s books. Her works are in private collections.

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