Color in Water 8: Autumn Transformations

The art curator Paris Kapralos, in collaboration with 30 painters from Greece and abroad, invites you to visit the exhibition “Color in Water 8: Autumn Transformations.” The exhibition is taking place in physical form in Athens at the Luminous Eye art space (Mitsaion 2A, Acropolis area, Athens 117 42) until Sunday, November 12, 2023, and simultaneously online, in collaboration with ARTgrID, until December 12, 2023.

As noted in the curatorial statement: “Autumn has been depicted in many different ways in art, particularly in watermedia since its inception as a painting genre. It’s a mysterious time during which nature undergoes transformations, colors change, and night advances against the day. The word ‘Autumn’ has a long history in the Greek language, deriving from the words ‘φθίνω’ (fade) and ‘ὀπώρα’ (fruit), first documented in Thucydides’ writings in the 5th century BCE. It has been used for centuries to describe a transitional period. Notably, the Eleusinian Mysteries were celebrated during this time, as were the Panathenaic Games, marking the arrival of the goddess Athena, a symbol of truth triumphing over falsehood. Martin Heidegger introduces an interesting semantic framework for autumn in his theory of ‘ontological autumn’ in his work ‘Sein und Zeit’ (Being and Time), first published in 1927. In it, Heidegger explores time and existence and attempts to grasp the truth of existence (Dasein). According to his theory, human existence is a continuous movement between three temporal states: the past, the present, and the future. However, Heidegger acknowledges the finite nature of human existence and the inevitability of death. ‘Ontological autumn’ refers to the state of human existence that recognizes its finite nature, the inexorable movement towards death, and the changing nature of time. It signifies an acknowledgment of the world’s transformation and the transformation of the individual, preparing for a transition towards a more authentic and independent existence.

Exhibition with a physical presentation of the works in Athens.

Hours/Days: Wednesday from 14:00 to 18:00 and Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 17:00 to 21:00. Admission is free.


The exhibition catalog is available for FREE in both Greek and English for online viewing and/or download from HERE

Participating Artists

The exhibition features works by visual artists John Abbot, Michail Moumtzis, Yana Liubarska, Angeliki Chatzistilianou, Foti Kllogjeri, Katerina Lambropoulou, Monika Cilmi, Maria Zavitsanou, Matus P., Vasilis Katsarakis, Suzie Card, Sophia Sioula, Kirikkka Soustiel, Youla Tsianti Papadopoulou, Pavel Andreev, Katerina Vasileiou, Angeliki Douvi, Georgia Ntona, Olga Barmazi, Marietta Papageorgiou, Nikos Tzermiadianos, Konstantina Chini, Vasia Kyritsi, Iris Giannakopoulou, Jenny Grigoropoulou, Fotini Livani, Andriana Spyrouki, Catherine Tsirigkouli, and Vasiliki (Lilian) Philippou

About the Curator

Paris Kapralos is a Visual Arts Curator, Founder & Coordinator of ARC – Art Revisited Collective, and co-editor of Arts & Antiques CCR. He was born in 1975 and raised in Athens, where he currently resides and works, engaging in international activities. He studied Finance (Athens) and Graphic Arts (Staffordshire, England). He worked as a Journalist specializing in Technology for economic newspapers, magazines, and online news agencies (1999-2006), as an Organizational Manager and organizer in business conferences of the Information Technology & Telecommunications sector (Infocom, Greek ICT Forum, 2004-2011), and shifted his professional path towards the Arts in 2011. He collaborated with the Myrό Group (Myrό Gallery, Myrό Antiques House, Greek Marble Initiative, 2011-2017). From 2018 onwards, he works as an independent Organizer and Curator of visual exhibitions & events. He served as the representative of the Greek Chapter of the International Watercolor Society (IWS) from 2019 to 2022, and in October 2022, he assumed the role of Development Director at ARTgrID alongside his other activities. He has curated and organized more than 180 exhibitions, visual arts projects, third-party activities, and international events participations in Greece and abroad. Find out more HERE

About the "Color in Water" Exhibition Series

The “Color in Water” exhibition series is a personal project by curator Paris Kapralos that began in 2019 with the aim of spreading awareness, promoting, and introducing the art-loving public to talented young Greek visual artists who primarily work with various forms of watermedia. For more information and ongoing updates about participation in the developing community, Expression of Interest, and developments, you can visit the οfficial Facebook page.