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Art Curator Paris Kapralos invites visual artists to submit their works for participation in an exhibition at the Athens-based Chili Art Gallery (Thiseio, historic center of Athens) with the theme “Visual Anthropology,” scheduled for November 2023, and simultaneously online through the ARTgrID platform.

For the exhibition, a catalog will be produced in both Greek and English.

The exhibition welcomes original works of art of any style and artistic processing that engage with the theme in any way the creator deems appropriate.

The artworks can be paintings, engravings, photographs, printed digital art, collages, VideoArt, mosaics, sculptures. There are no size restrictions, but the weight of any artwork should not exceed 10 kilograms.

Conceptual framework. The term “Visual Anthropology” emerged in the 20th century to describe the study of people and cultures through the arts, such as painting, sculpture, and photography, bridging anthropology, sociology, and aesthetics. In his work “Art and Agency: An Anthropological Theory,” British anthropologist and ethnographer Alfred Gell proposes that art objectifies human ideas and emotions, transforming them into physical objects. Artwork becomes a medium for negotiating social relationships and dialogue with the public. The artist acts as an intermediary between the subconscious world of emotions and the external reality, converting abstract thoughts and feelings into tangible objects. Art becomes a social practice, shaping social meanings. Viewers react to the artwork, drawing various emotional, symbolic, and intellectual interpretations from it. A significant element in Gell’s objectification concept is the social dimension. Artists do not create artwork solely for themselves but present it to the community. Viewers, in turn, perceive and interact with these works, creating a social dimension around art. In this context, objectification becomes a social practice, where human ideas and emotions are shaped, influenced, and shared through art. This process creates a dense network of social meanings around art, enhancing its significance and meaning in culture.

Artworks on paper should be framed, and canvas works should be stretched.

Eligibility. Artists who have reached the age of 18 and reside in Greece and Cyprus, regardless of their origin or nationality.

What to submit. You should send an email to with the subject “ANTHROPOLOGY” containing the following:
(1) Photos of up to 2 available artworks, each in a separate photo file, in jpg format, with high resolution and clarity. Note: The artworks submitted are not indicative. If selected, you can exclusively exhibit the artwork(s) you submitted. Artworks on paper should be submitted without frames/glass.
(2) Details of the artworks, with a reference point for each, as follows: File name (e.g., A1.JPG), Artist’s Full Name, Title of the artwork, Materials and technique, Dimensions (in centimeters, Height X Width), Completion Date.
(3) Your contact information: Full Name, Email, Contact phone number.

Important Notes
– If you submit a photograph or print of Digital Art, include the final printed dimensions that will be displayed in the exhibition in centimeters (Height X Width), and the material on which the photograph will be printed in the technical description of the artwork.
– Any clarifications, inquiries, and questions strictly related to the submission process should be sent in writing via email to the provided submission address and will be answered within 24 hours. Information about the event’s organization and the proposal, if and when you are selected, will be provided only to the selected artists, after the submission and selection process—not before.
– Submissions that do not include all requested information or do not follow the specified format and submission method will be disregarded.
– If you are selected, we will contact you directly via email with comprehensive information about the participation process.

Submission deadline: Sunday, October 29, 2023, at 23:59.