Maria Genitsariou

Japanese Philosophical Text on Souls by Lefkadios Hern, “Myths and Fairy Tales” Series, Ink and Gold Leaf on Handmade Japanese Paper in a Wooden Umbrella Frame, Writing: Small Engraved Minuscule with a Feather Quill, Diameter 90 centimeters, 2015. NOT AVAILABLE

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Maria Genitsariou is a visual artist primarily expressing herself through calligraphy. She was born in Piraeus in 1966. She studied graphic arts at the Vakalo School, painting and illustration at the workshop of Antonis Apergis at the Petra Schools, while simultaneously experimenting in various independent workshops to discover her personal expressive medium. Since 1993, she has been involved in Greek calligraphy. She realized that the fundamental element for the completion of her artistic works was the form of the texts; words written in different fonts were essentially part of the work and a catalytic factor in its transformation. Due to the lack of formal education on the subject in Greece, she studied Greek Paleography at the Department of Paleography of the MIET (Mediterranean Institute of Education and Training) with professor Agamemnon Tselikas. She searches for manuscripts and sources both in and outside Greece. Her goal is to collect and study as many Greek fonts as possible and to reproduce their writing and illustration tools. Using writing tools from the past and present, she uses these fonts either as they are or modifies them, transforming them into works of art. She has had a significant number of exhibitions, both nationally and internationally, and she also teaches calligraphy in workshops. Her works can be found in private collections and collections of international institutions. Maria Genitsariou collaborates with ARC – Art Revisited Collective, since June 2021.

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