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Art Curator  Ms. Vera Katranidou publishes an open call inviting visual artists to participate in an exhibition titled “Diagenesis

The exhibition will take place at Chili Art Gallery with the organizational support of ARTgrID.

Artworks in painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, collage, and printed digital art are eligible for the exhibition. Visual artists living and working in Greece can participate.

A biblingual commemorative catalog will be produced for the exhibition in both Greek and English.

Description and Presentation of the Theme. Diagenesis is the sum of natural and chemical processes that transform loose sediment into rock. As sediments are buried deeper, pressure and temperature increase, causing the sediments to compress and consolidate through geological processes. The formation of 75% of the Earth’s surface is attributed to Diagenesis, and the processes that constitute it bear a remarkable resemblance to those that human civilization undergoes in its historical journey. The deposits of cultural values from past generations fuel large-scale social processes when faced with new challenges. Multiculturalism and the interconnected world of recent decades fill the gaps of the outdated. With the pressure created by every difficulty and resistance encountered by society, the need for cohesion, continuous improvement, and the strengthening of society emerges; the processes promote the creation of common identities and social values. Art is called upon to envision a better future amidst the dystopia of the present. It may be the voice of a hoarse prophet or the pressure needed by society to move forward.

Themes of Artworks. Artworks can freely explore any theme that artists believe best responds to the exhibition’s subject

Submission Process. Each artist can exhibit up to 2 artworks. Artists should submit one photograph for each artwork they wish to exhibit, which should be clearly matched with the provided description. The description should include the following details: Title, dimensions, materials/technique, completion year. If selected, artists can only exhibit the artworks they submitted. Artists must provide their real name and any artistic pseudonym they use, along with a contact phone number.

Submission Deadline. Submissions must be sent by email to vkatranidou@gmail.com with the subject “Diagenesis” by Sunday, December 10, 2023.